Plan B: How will business be affected?

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On Thursday 9th Decembet 2021, the Government have set new measures due to incresing numbers of people suffering with COVID – 19. The announcement forms part of Government’s COVID – 19 Autumn and Winter plan. The measures were drawn up way before the Omicron variant and will only apply to England.

Plan B will affect your business with four main changes, which are:

  • From 13 December, Boris Johnson reintroduces the guidance to work from home, where possible.
  • Face masks are legally mandatory in “most public indoor venues”. The exceptions adopt the rule ‘where it’s not feasible’. This includes where people are eating, drinking, singing or exercising.
  • NHS COVID passes for:

-unseated venues with more then 500 people

-outdoor venues with more the 4,000 people

-all venues that have more then 10,000 people.

  • Daily testing for people who are identified to have been in close proximity of a coronavirus case. However, isolation is only a requirment for people who test positive.

These changes mean nothing but more burden for the businesses. Every business have to introduce, maintain and inplement these changes in only 4 days.

The Plan B for business means nothing else, but more uncertainty. Making staff working form home will empty the City Centre offices. This will ultimately deny many of the the High Street retail and food establishments the customers they rely on. Not only, but the measures are inconsistent and lead to loosing confidence in the Goverment. For example;

The Goverment doesn’t want people to go to their work place offices, but it doesn’t mind if they go to their office Christmas party at the bar or the restaurant.

With all these changes in place, Adapt Accountancy and Business Solutions Ltd is here to offer our customers a piece of mind. We work with businesses in developing a divercified business solutionseasy. Our easy online digitalised access sytems will assist in fast and prompt transmission to the information. We work with our customers using all means of communication ensuring fast reach with our staff.

If the Autumn and Winter ‘Plan B’has created an uncertainty within your business we are here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out on 0121 288 889 or email us at [email protected]

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