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  Несъмнено ще чуваме новини от Данъчните власти във Великобритания (HMRC) за все повече и повече разследвания и осъдени за измами. Данъчните власти във Великобритания (HMRC)  са на лов за дребни измамници. Миналата година HMRC oткри повече от 30,000 нови работни места за данъчни инспектори, които да проверяват подадените индивидуални данъчни декларации за самонаети лица. На зидар бе наложена глоба … Read More

Second Tax Fraud Conviction for Bricklayer

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  Undoubtedly will be hearing news from HMRC about more and more investigations and fraud convictions. HMRC is on the hunt for the small fraudsters with more than 30,000 new inspectors employed to check up the individual self assessment tax returns submitted. A bricklayer is ordered a £500 fine and to pay £2,978 in compensation to HMRC after being found to … Read More

HMRC announces Self Assessment penalty waivers

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  Today HMRC has announced that will not charge: 1. Late filing penalties for those who file online by 28‌‌ ‌February 2022. 2. Late payment penalties for those who pay the tax due in full or set up a payment plan by 1‌‌ ‌April 2022. This will give customers and their representatives additional time if they need it and will operate in the same … Read More